1st June, 2020: My Programming Journey Began

My Journey Began

1st June, 2020

I really wanted to code and learn programming. At first, I was at Medical Laboratory College but I didn't like it. Honestly it was one of the hardest decision that I made because I spent a whole year in Medical Laboratory College and I needed to switch to Software Engineering department. Everyone tried to convince me to stay at MLT department but I always had that passion for SE department and learn to code. So I started to switch to SE department and learn programming in June, 2020 with so much passion and excitement even though I had no prior experience. First I tried to learn PHP without knowning why and what I can do with it. I spent a few weeks to months on PHP but then I found freeCodeCamp, basically freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization where you can learn to code for free. I started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript course in fCC. This was when my journey started and began to fall in love with programming. Now I know some technologies such as JavaScript, Reactjs, Nextjs and Firebase. I'm really glad that I chose this field and always looking forward to learn more.